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I Did Not Go To Chiropractic School To Crack Your Back...

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

There are a lot of chiropractors out there that have different views of how they treat and their place in helping you get out of pain. All of our views as chiropractors will be different naturally. The experiences we have had with chiropractic play a role. We have had different experiences through living life as well. So it is okay and natural for us to have different ideas about treating. However, some of the information we spread is toxic to you as patients.

Some chiropractors will say, “we need to align your joints back into place or make them symmetrical, that is why you need to get cracked and popped every week”.

This is just not true guys and leads you to be dependent on us. The first point I would argue is, we are not symmetrical beings from a human body standpoint. We have one heart on the left... two lungs, yes, but one lung has two lobes and one has three. We have two kidneys as well, but one is higher than the other and I hope you or anyone else you know does not have two livers.

The BIG question is…

What is the goal?

What is the reason you are coming to see me?

When I was in pain and went to see a chiropractor before going to chiropractic school, I did not give two poops about being “aligned”. I said to the Doc, “Do whatever you need to do to get me back on the rugby pitch”...I just wanted to get back to doing what I loved. I find with many of my clients, it is the same exact thing. You are trying to keep doing what you love.

So what is my chiropractic?

What did I go to school to learn about?

With my approach, here at Kinetic Resilience, I put your goals first. I went to school so I could learn tools to teach you how to get yourself back to doing what you love. If that requires me to pop your back, then I can. If it requires me to teach you how to tie your shoes when your back is killing you, I will. Finally, If it requires me to teach you how to deadlift to pick up your grandson off the floor... I most definitely will do that.

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