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A Mindset About Low Back Pain Your Doctor Is Not Telling You. Part 1

When seeking ways to help your low back pain, there is an analogy you will like to think of to know you are on the right track.

Imagine a full glass of water running over the edges of the glass. The water running out of the glass is the pain you are experiencing. The glass is your body or the capacity that your body has to deal with it the pain. You are filling the pain because your body's capacity and tolerance have been reached. This is also true not only for low back pain but any other pain that you may be experiencing when it comes to muscles and joints.

We have two options to dampen the pain so it is not exceeding your body's capacity. Two options to stop the water from running over the edges. The first and easy thing we can do is to take water out of the glass. This is an effective way to decrease pain, however, the water will run over the glass again because the glass itself can only hold so much water. Examples of taking water out of the glass are taking pain medications, getting a massage, and getting your back cracked. Now, I will say that I am not against any of these interventions. They have a time and place, but these are short-term fixes that may not solve the real problem at hand.

The second option we have is the long-term solution. We need to build you a BIGGER cup or glass. However, this is not as easy as the first solution though. Pain is very complex to understand and treat. There are many ways to help build you a bigger cup, but your way may not be the same for everyone. Often we try building a bigger cup by finding exercises that challenge you and are unique for you and your presentation. We also take into account sleeping patterns, diet, and general activity that could help support your cup.

My goal is to teach you the tools to help yourself build a bigger cup and not just take the water out of the cup. While this is not the easiest way, it is the long-term solution to helping you through the painful obstacle you are dealing with at the moment. The mindset you need to encourage yourself with is to want to build a bigger cup and not just take water out of the glass. Be mindful that building a bigger cup may take a bit more time, but it is the best long-term solution for you to overcome your pain.

If you're interested or know anyone interested in learning more about movement and exercises to work through daily aches and pains, set up a FREE consultation with me.


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