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Chiropractic Rehabilitation

In person consultation and therapy to address limitations and pain

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Maria R.

"Dr. and Coach Michael is amazing!! he knows his job very well. I had shoulder pain for years due to bad technique while working out. He didn’t only fix my shoulder, but also showed me how to perform properly to avoid injury. We worked through six sessions and gave me homework to strengthening my shoulder every day. On my first session I couldn’t even lift my arm because it was very painful, by our last 2 sessions I was able to press, kip swing, plank, and pull up. He is the best!"

Maggie P. 

Doctor Tullis got me back to lifting again! Before seeing Doctor Tullis, I had pain in my mid-back and ribs while holding a barbell in the front rack position. I tried many things, including seeing different chiropractors for the issue - nothing provided long-term relief. The pain was bad enough to prevent me from lifting on most days. Doctor Tullis was able to thoroughly assess the issue, treat it with soft-tissue work, and provide exercises that significantly decreased my discomfort within just a couple of visits. By the end, I had no pain and was able to enjoy weightlifting again. Throughout the treatments, I knew that he cared about my issue and took the time needed. It never felt rushed. He often reassessed after assigning new exercises to ensure there was improvement. Doc’s method of combining his treatments with exercise therapy made a huge difference for me, and I would encourage anyone struggling with pain to know that you don’t have to let this be your forever reality.


Lawrence F. 

Dr. Tullis is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and doesn’t take a one size fits all approach. Pre-covid, I was overhead squatting 315 during covid, my shoulder started to hurt and grew to the point where I couldn’t overhead squat an empty barbell. I tried all kinds of tools and docs. Dr. Tullis took a movement based approach to my pain and he ensured what he prescribed was truly effective. I’ve been used to the idea that I’m just going to have pain here and there for the rest of my life. And after a month of working with Dr. Tullis, I feel like I can not only pick up where I left off, but actually be set up for greater success in the future. He showed me that I don’t have to try to get back to normal. He helped me build a new and better normal.

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